Nature's Bounty: Our Ingredients

CBD Healthcare Company’s product lines contain significant levels of CBD that are absent in most CBD products. The CBD content is clearly labeled, and we ensure that consumers have easy access to the Certificate of Analysis of the CBD in each product. In an industry where transparency is often lacking, our goal is to be the source you can trust.

Massage Body Oils & Creams / Pain Relief Salves & Lotion

For our massage oils and creams and our relief salves and lotions, CBD Healthcare Company sources Kentucky-grown hemp from a single source that uses clones instead of seeds. This method ensures the consistency of the hemp, its CBD and terpene content that plants from seeds cannot provide.

We infuse this full-spectrum CBD oil into a range of products full of natural, botanical ingredients with own healing properties. Many of these ingredients are organic. The botanicals we use ensure that CBD transfers from product to body by actually penetrating the skin. We utilize broad-spectrum hemp oil in all of these products.

Skincare & Facial

For our skincare line, CBD Healthcare Company has partnered with a French specialist with more than 20 years of experience in research and development as well as product innovation. With a PhD in Materials Chemistry and Nanotechnology, and post-doctoral degrees in the field of Pharmaceutical and Cosmeceutical Formulations, he has developed luxury product lines for a variety of companies including Christian Dior. Our skincare line reflects his expertise in exotic ingredients, infused with 99%+ pure CBD to ensure control and consistency.
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