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Our Process

Random testing shows 70% of CBD products do not contain
the amount of CBD listed on the label, with some containing no CBD at all.
As a result, prices and quality vary throughout the industry.

Cannabis leaf

What’s on the label is in the container

CBD Healthcare Company offers professionals a trusted source for responsible ingredients, rigorous testing, effective concentration of CBD and a transparent view of the entire supply channel.

Organically Grown

Our products are formulated with organically grown, non-GMO hemp, certified locally, so you’re able to verify the purity of the product.


CBD Healthcare Company ensures the manufacturing process is traceable from the plant genetics to the finished, high-grade formulas. A third-party certificate of analysis is provided for each lot number and is easily accessible to the customer. All products are manufactured to GMP and ISO standards requiring strict adherence to our process and quality controls. This includes providing you with the CBD Certificate of Analysis, verifying the purity and concentration of the products we provide.

American Made

Grown in America with U.S. agricultural permits, the CBD in CBD Healthcare Company products is extracted in the U.S., with all testing done in the U.S.

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