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CBD Healthcare: a trusted source of CBD oil

Let’s Face It

There’s a lot of misinformation in the relatively new CBD industry. Exactly how much CBD is in the product? What concentration of CBD oil is necessary to be effective? How can you be sure the product is working? Independent tests of a range of CBD products concluded that 70% did not contain the amount of CBD advertised, and some contained no CBD at all. This is why prices and quality vary so much throughout the industry.

CBD Healthcare Company offers both professionals and consumers a trusted source for responsible ingredients, rigorous testing, effective concentrations of CBD and transparent test results.

Why We’re Different

CBD Healthcare Company is the brainchild of long-time wellness specialists who have developed high-quality products for the spa and wellness industries for more than a decade.

  • While other products may not clearly label the CBD content or falsely advertise “full-spectrum CBD,” CBD Healthcare Company ensures customers have complete and accurate information before they purchase any product.
  • Formulated with organically grown hemp extract at the heart, we have worked with experienced formulators to develop a comprehensive range of massage, muscle relief and skincare products that deliver significant levels of CBD combined with a host of natural and botanical ingredients, many of which are organic.
  • We have partnered with reputable hemp providers that follow organic farming practices and control the quality of the product. Our manufacturing process is traceable from the plant genetics to the finished, high-grade formulas. Our production facilities are ISO certified.
CBD Healthcare Company CBD Anti-Aging Concentrate Serum
Luxurious CBD Massage & Body Cream

The CBD Source You Can Trust

CBD Healthcare Company is the source you can depend on for the most professional, high-quality and comprehensive line of massage, muscle relief and skincare products that contain significant levels of CBD.

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